Peace of Mind:  As a parent or guardian, we understand that choosing the right day care for your family is a huge decision and we take the responsibility of caring for your little ones very seriously. We are always here to help, to answer your questions, and to accommodate your family’s unique requirements in any way we can. We offer special classes once a week. We have hired the most talented and innovative teachers to bring these special classes to our early childhood setting.

Music with Galina: Our class incorporates puppets, streamers and flash cards along with energetic and original music. The songs, which are used to teach children social skills, body parts, science and nature are also highly effective in language development.

Yoga with Vika: Movement, dance, and yoga support and enhance children’s learning about themselves and their world, tapping into their natural mobility, creativity and love of self-expression. This class brings numerous benefits to your child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Children will develop body and spatial awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Traditional yoga poses are learned through imaginative poetry, singing and story-telling, enhancing listening and observation skills and a connection to the natural world.  Yoga is also a powerful tool to teach young learners the practices of discipline, stress-management, compassion and self-care. 

Speech Therapy with Laura: The first years of life are very important for learning speech and language. From the time they are born, children start communicating. Very early in their lives, they learn to understand what you are saying and to make sounds of their own. They are beginning to develop speech and language skills. Communication skills are critical to your child’s future success. A child with a speech disorder has trouble producing sounds. A child with a language disorder has difficulty understanding or putting words together to express ideas. There are many kinds of speech and language disorders and there are many reasons why they happen. If you think that your child is having problems developing language, it’s important to get help right away. Laura’s classes will help your child get along with others, decrease frustration, reduce behaviour problems, and improve your child’s readiness for school.