Angel Day Care (Thornhill) recognizes the amazing potential children have to learn. That’s why we have developed programs with each and every individual child in mind. Our programs have been developed for children 2-5 years of age. Teachers have developed interesting and motivating lessons to engage the children and captivate their interest. With hands on experiences children are able to learn using all five senses. Your child is unique!

Our Mission: 

Encourage reasoning
Make each child feel valued
Stimulate a sense of appreciation
Promote positive attitudes toward learning
Stimulate independence and creative thinking
Encourage independence and a sense of responsibility
Encourage self confidence, achievement and self esteem
Give the child opportunities to interact with their peers and adults

By using a range of maths and pre-language tools in a play capacity, the children build their confidence preparing them for years to come. Sorting by colours, size and shape, those tools help them towards mathematical and visualization skills. While there is importance of preparing children for the school,  we do not ignore the fact that children at this age are learning more effectively while  playing. We encourage this activities making sure that children feel safe, happy,  and secure in their environment. Our educational setting promotes daily learning with sounds, symbols, numbers, colours,  and words recognition. We strive to develop children’s full potential, offering other stimulating activities  through creative arts, role play, and communication skills, such as: singing, dancing, reading, music, nursering and planting, as well as indoor and outdoor activities. Children benefit from modern tools and materials, challenging little minds to flourish, developing interaction, independence, gaining confidence  skills, and learning naturally.  It is essential that children have a well balanced nutritious menu plan, which is freshly  prepared and served daily.